Disney - For Our Children

Disney - For Our Children
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For Our Children

Inevitably, the first thing that strikes you about this benefit album for pediatric AIDS is the lineup: It contains selections by Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, and Barbra Streisand, among other top stars. When you realize that 17 of the 20 tracks were newly recorded, For Our Children quickly becomes a must-have for fans of a wide variety of artists. Beyond those immediate virtues, however, the album is a diverse, if inconsistent, collection of music, some of it definable as children's music in the sense that it is likely to appeal to children, some songs about children from the perspective of parents. The sequencing of the album moves from upbeat material to quieter efforts; this is the kind of album you want to put on in the last hour of a child's day, as he or she makes the sometimes abrupt transition from energetic activity to sleep. Early on, the standouts are Little Richard's rock & roll and rap version of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and Bruce Springsteen's hilarious "Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips." After the halfway point in the album, Elton John's slight instrumental "The Pacifier" (not everybody made that much of an effort), the songs turn calmer, led by James Taylor's characteristically friendly reading of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Getting to Know You." Actress Meryl Streep turns out to have creditable pipes on "Gartan Mother's Lullaby," and Jackson Browne and Jennifer Warnes give a folk-rock reading to "Golden Slumbers." By the time of Barbra Streisand's austere "A Child Is Born" (from her 1975 album Lazy Afternoon), your young one should be asleep already. For Our Children is never less than pleasant, but, as with any random group of grownups, some of its participants have more affinity for children than others.

Give a Little Love / Albert Hammond / Addis I / Diane WarrenDisney feat: Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers4:04
This Old Man / Dennis DeYoung / TraditionalDisney feat: Bob Dylan3:08
Cushie Butterfield / TraditionalDisney feat: Sting1:17
Mary Had a Little Lamb / Linda McCartney / Paul McCartneyDisney feat: Paul McCartney3:34
The Ballad of Davy Crockett / Tom Blackburn / George BrunsDisney feat: Stephen Bishop3:23
The Itsy Bitsy Spider / Little Richard / Carly Simon / TraditionalDisney feat: Little Richard3:41
Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips / John Cassidy / Nancy CassidyDisney feat: Bruce Springsteen1:45
Country Feelin's / Eugene E. Landy / Brian WilsonDisney feat: Brian Wilson2:45
Blueberry Pie / Bette Midler / Bruce Roberts / Carole Bayer SagerDisney feat: Bette Midler3:01
The Pacifier / Elton JohnDisney feat: Elton John5:25
Getting to Know You / Oscar Hammerstein II / Richard RodgersDisney feat: James Taylor2:51
Autumn to May / Noel Paul Stookey / Peter YarrowDisney feat: Ann Wilson / Nancy Wilson3:44
Child of Mine / Gerry Goffin / Carole King / Bill StainesDisney feat: Carole King3:44
Tell Me Why / TraditionalDisney feat: Pat Benatar2:16
A Medley of Rhymes / TraditionalDisney feat: Debbie Gibson1:57
Blanket for a Sail / Harry NilssonDisney feat: Harry Nilsson2:44
Good Night, My Love (Pleasant Dreams) / John Marascalco / George MatolaDisney feat: Paula Abdul3:14
Gartan Mother's Lullaby / TraditionalDisney feat: Meryl Streep3:43
Golden Slumbers / John Lennon / Paul McCartneyDisney feat: Jackson Browne / Jennifer Warnes3:30
A Child Is Born / Alan Bergman / Marilyn Bergman / Dave GrusinDisney feat: Barbra Streisand2:47