The Psycho Realm - A War Story

The Psycho Realm - A War Story
Release Date:
October 3, 2000
Recording Location:
Mennolab Studios
Alternative Rap, Latin Rap, West Coast Rap
A War Story

Mostly recognized as a side project for Cypress Hill's B-Real and Bobo, the Psycho Realm seems like a good idea: a lyrically focused hip-hop group featuring a trio of vocalists going off about harsh social issues over melancholy beats. The group's eponymous debut reflected these concepts effectively; unfortunately, A Way Story never comes close to approaching a utopian execution of this idea. The beats are just way too sparse and simple to hold one's attention, and to make them worse, the sound quality is unbearably poor, on par with a home-produced four-track recording (which can perhaps be attributed to the fact that the group was dropped from their major label). Furthermore, the vocals courtesy of Duke, Jacken, and B-Real are sorely lacking any sort of aesthetically pleasing flow; if not for the lyric sheet, they would be indecipherable, sounding like murky mumbling. A positive note involves the tone of the music; it may not necessarily sound great, but it does possess a strong emotive feel to it, embodying feels of desperation. But that's about all this album has going for it. Not even the biggest Cypress Hill fans should find much value here.

The Crazy Area / The Psycho RealmThe Psycho Realm5:14
Order Through Chaos / The Psycho RealmThe Psycho Realm4:56
Pico-Union District / The Psycho RealmThe Psycho Realm2:43
Enemy of the State / The Psycho RealmThe Psycho Realm4:00
Conspiracy Theories / The Psycho RealmThe Psycho Realm4:10 / The Psycho RealmThe Psycho Realm4:28
Earthquake Weather / The Psycho RealmThe Psycho Realm6:28
The Winds of Revolution / The Psycho RealmThe Psycho Realm3:01
Moving Through Streets / The Psycho RealmThe Psycho Realm3:25
Street Platoons / The Psycho RealmThe Psycho Realm5:22
Sick Dogs / The Psycho RealmThe Psycho Realm6:10
Show of Force / The Psycho RealmThe Psycho Realm5:32