Djavan - Bicho Solto O XIII

Djavan - Bicho Solto O XIII
Release Date:
March 9, 1999
Recording Location:
Mega EstÝdios, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Brazilian Pop, Latin Dance, Samba, MPB, Brazilian Traditions
Bicho Solto O XIII
Recording Date:
March, 1998 - July, 1998

A predictable release by the Brazilian important composer Djavan, Bicho Solto, his 13th album, has no surprises. Fully danceable in funky watered-down versions (with the exception of the beautiful, fluent melody of "Retrato da vida" and the angular "Tão raro"), surrounded by the indulgence of a faithful audience earned over the years by his swinging compositional style and by his lyrics with no other meaning than the rhythmic/musical, supported by the musical industry that smiles at his insipid funk "Você E" and his retro-swing "Atitude," anticipating expressive sales records, Djavan doesn't make any attempt to push the envelope.

Eu Te Devoro / DjavanDjavan4:42
Você É / DjavanDjavan4:42
Passou / DjavanDjavan4:54
Atitude / DjavanDjavan5:10
Amar É Tudo / DjavanDjavan4:30
A Carta / DjavanDjavan6:25
Pássaro / DjavanDjavan5:52
Retrato da Vida / Djavan / DominguinhosDjavan3:32
Be FairDjavan6:05
Tão Raro / DjavanDjavan3:33
Bicho Solto / DjavanDjavan5:05
Meu Bem Querer / DjavanDjavan4:43