The Iguanas - Super Ball

The Iguanas - Super Ball
Release Date:
April, 1996
Recording Location:
Chez Flames, New Orleans, LA; Your Place Or Mine, L.A., CA
American Trad Rock, Americana
Super Ball

The Iguanas' third outing finds them in an exuberant, uptempo mood as they charge through a mixture of styles that zooms from goofy rock ("Rock Star," awith Dave Alvin guesting on guitar) to conjunto to sad ballads. Bonafide tune to hum: "Benny's Cadillac," a chipper tune about the things that happen to the title vehicle. Somewhat overproduced, but otherwise a delightful record.

Rock Star / Joe Cabral / Rod HodgesThe Iguanas2:25
I Moved Too Slow / Joe Cabral / Rod HodgesThe Iguanas4:30
Lupita / Joe Cabral / Rod HodgesThe Iguanas3:13
Benny's Cadillac / Joe Cabral / Rod HodgesThe Iguanas3:36
Don't Blame Me / Joe Cabral / Rod HodgesThe Iguanas4:06
Que Tristeza / René Coman / Rod HodgesThe Iguanas3:51
So Tired / Joe Cabral / Rod HodgesThe Iguanas4:46
Is This Love / Joe Cabral / Rod HodgesThe Iguanas4:28
Cuarto Rojo / Joe CabralThe Iguanas4:07
Help Myself / René ComanThe Iguanas4:21
Mil Demonios / Joe Cabral / Rod HodgesThe Iguanas2:41
Ignorance Is Bliss / Rod HodgesThe Iguanas3:28
It All Came Down / Joe Cabral / René Coman / Rod HodgesThe Iguanas3:15