Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - All Souled Out

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - All Souled Out
Release Date:
June 25, 1991
East Coast Rap, Golden Age, Jazz-Rap, Alternative Rap
All Souled Out

This six-song EP officially introduced Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth to the hip-hop listening community, and it is hard to imagine a stronger or more confident introduction. Pete Rock's unmatched production sound is already in place, fully-formed, drenched in obscure soul music samples and rumbling, cavernous bass. Characterized by his trademark sonic signature, muted and phased trumpet, and flute loops, the songs sound regal with endless depth (with the exception, perhaps, of his own enjoyably buoyant rhyming vehicle, "The Creator"). Of course, C.L. Smooth's lyrics have just as much to do with that regal quality. His vocals are so laid-back and understated -- even soothing -- that they can be deceptive and difficult to grasp. Once the listener finds a way in, however, there is much to be found in his words; bypassing the normal rap self-involvements, Smooth instead opts to make moral arguments and ask intellectual questions of the urban community, in essence holding a mirror up to that community without ever devolving into didacticism or soap-box judgment. He is decidedly tough-minded but also sympathetic.

Standouts include both versions of "Good Life," the irresistible "Go With the Flow," and the anthemic title track, with rapid-fire rhyming from Smooth and a perfectly funky organ riff, but the whole EP is essential.

Good LifePete Rock & C.L. Smooth3:57
Mecca and the Soul BrotherPete Rock & C.L. Smooth6:01
Go With the FlowPete Rock & C.L. Smooth4:57
The CreatorPete Rock & C.L. Smooth4:46
All Souled OutPete Rock & C.L. Smooth5:30
Good Life (Group Home Mix)Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth3:54