Sound in Action Trio - Gate

Sound in Action Trio - Gate
Release Date:
August 22, 2006
Recording Location:
AirWave Recording Studios, Chicago, IL
Recording Date:
July 29, 2003 - July 30, 2003

The Chicago reed player Ken Vandermark and two drummers, Tim Daisy and the Sun Ra Arkestra's Robert Barry, take a set of modern jazz compositions by artists like Eric Dolphy, John Coltrane, and Albert Ayler as their improvisational starting point in this remarkable set. Using a surprisingly broad range of tonal colors, the trio's sonic explorations are often unusually sensitive, and frequently thrilling.

Horizontal Fall / Ken VandermarkSound in Action Trio4:37
The Prophet / Eric DolphySound in Action Trio5:56
Red Cross / Ken VandermarkSound in Action Trio7:42
Medium Cool / Ken VandermarkSound in Action Trio6:36
EnlightenmentSound in Action Trio5:45
TogoSound in Action Trio7:58
Side Car / Ken VandermarkSound in Action Trio4:53
Slate / Ken VandermarkSound in Action Trio6:53
One Down, One Up / John ColtraneSound in Action Trio6:38
Love Cry / Albert AylerSound in Action Trio6:25
House Party Starting / Herbie NicholsSound in Action Trio5:41