Wallmen - Not Too Long Time Sound

Wallmen - Not Too Long Time Sound
Release Date:
Recording Location:
Sweetfish Studios, Argyle, NY
Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock
Not Too Long Time Sound

The sixteen tracks on Not Too Long Time Sound take an odd punky stomp (like a wackier Ramones) and run it in quite a few odd directions, from surfy tones to pure rock-outs -- this sense of oddity truly exploded on later Wall Men releases, but Not Too Long Time Sound tends to stay with its rock center, a move that's actually more appealing than the excessive randomness of records like Variety Showcase. There's a definite appeal to this record's undefinably strange approach to punky rock and power-pop -- tracks like "The Bomb" have the pop appeal of bands like Dramarama, and this sense of semi-normality tends to serve the Wall Men well.

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