Steve Jones - Fire & Gasoline

Steve Jones - Fire & Gasoline
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Hard Rock
Fire & Gasoline

You'll either love this album or (like most people) hate it. As all of Jones' recordings are radically different (Sex Pistols were punk; Chequered Past was schlock; Mercy is as wimpy as rock gets; Neurotic Outsiders were, at best, half-baked), this is his true heavy metal album. In the spirit of the Cult's Electric and Iggy Pop's Instinct (which Jones played and wrote on), this album just rocks. Working with several outside writers (Ian Astbury, Rose Tattoo, Nikki Sixx, and even Tonio K.) Jones has come up with an album's worth of heavy riffage, AC/DC-like, if comparisons must be made, and clever lyrics in the dumbest sort of way. Fire & Gasoline leaves no subject in the heavy metal universe alone. You've got your ode to sexy shoes ("Leave Your Shoes On"), hypocrisy ("God in Louisiana"), being a bad boy ("We're Not Saints"), and, of course, heavy metal ("Wild Wheels"). Also included are two covers -- one of Jones' old band the Sex Pistols' "I Did U No Wrong," which totally kicks, and a rather lame version of Bowie's "Suffragette City," which sounds like an afterthought coming at the end of the record. While Jones can't sing to save his life, it really doesn't matter here. This ain't opera, y'know. His guitar playing is routinely excellent, if not groundbreaking in any way. If you are a huge Sex Pistols/punk fan you may want to avoid this, or at least hear it before purchasing. If, however, you dig old-school AC/DC heaviness and crunchy power chords, then this disc will be a welcome addition to your collection.

Freedom FighterSteve Jones5:09
We're Not SaintsSteve Jones3:44
God in LouisianaSteve Jones4:49
Fire & GasolineSteve Jones4:28
Hold OnSteve Jones4:03
Trouble MakerSteve Jones3:05
I Did U No WrongSteve Jones3:20
Get Ready / Smokey RobinsonSteve Jones4:24
Gimme LoveSteve Jones4:19
Wild WheelsSteve Jones4:10
Leave Your Shoes OnSteve Jones4:14
Suffragette CitySteve Jones3:46