Danny Elfman - Dark Shadows [Original Score]

Danny Elfman - Dark Shadows [Original Score]
Release Date:
May 12, 2012
Recording Location:
Abbey Road Studios, London, England; Air Studios, London, England
Film Score, Soundtracks, Original Score
Dark Shadows [Original Score]

The cult classic supernatural soap opera Dark Shadows has a rich musical history, including the show's Grammy-nominated "Quentin's Theme," part of Robert Cobert's groundbreaking score, which remains one of the best-selling TV soundtracks. While Tim Burton's 2012 film adaptation of the series was much more intentionally campy, Danny Elfman's score remains more or less true to the original's gothic grandeur while adding his own distinctive touches. It's not till the very end of the majestic "Dark Shadows - Prologue" that the towering strings and choir feel intentionally overwrought. Elfman uses classic musical horror tropes -- scrabbling strings, wistfully eerie solo vocals -- so skillfully and knowingly that his fans as well as fans of horror soundtracks in general will appreciate the mix of seriousness and playfulness in them. Elfman also nods to Cobert's score with tracks such as "Hypno Music" and "Deadly Handshake," which boasts a melody that recalls the original Dark Shadows theme song, replete with suspenseful vibraphone and murky, lingering woodwinds. Things get more interesting on "Shadows - Reprise," which is propelled by zooming analog synths that evoke the film's early-'70s setting in a completely different way. Throughout the score, Elfman balances horror, suspense, and the faintest wisp of romance cleverly, and with just enough camp to underscore that this is music for a (very dark) comedy. While it may not be as indelible as Cobert's music, Elfman's Dark Shadows is scary good fun for fans of the composer and the film.

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows - Prologue (Uncut) / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman7:52
Resurrection / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman2:54
Vicky Enters Collinswood / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman1:21
Deadly Handshake / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman2:14
Shadows - Reprise / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman1:08
Is It Her? / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman0:43
Barnabus Comes Home / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman4:18
Vicky's Nightmare / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman1:26
Hypno Music / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman0:47
Killing Dr. Hoffman / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman1:14
Dumping the Body / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman0:58
Roger Departs / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman2:33
Burn Baby Burn / In-Tombed / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman2:49
Lava Lamp / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman2:17
The Angry Mob / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman4:40
House of Blood / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman3:38
Final Confrontation / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman2:20
Widow's Hill - Finale / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman3:47
The End? (Uncut) / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman2:42 Amazon
More The End? / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman1:54
We Will End You! / Danny ElfmanDanny Elfman1:09