Spinning Jennies - Peer Pressure

Spinning Jennies - Peer Pressure
Release Date:
February, 2001
Recording Location:
Trakworx, San Francisco, CA
Peer Pressure
Recording Date:

San Francisco's Spinning Jennies fine-tuned their pop skills on "Peer Pressure," their fourth album and the first for Vast Records. The album kicks off with a spirited opener, the anthemic "Tea & Apathy," and barely slows down throughout. "Tea & Apathy" is a perfect example of what Spinning Jennies do best; hook-filled, guitar-heavy, loud pop numbers loaded with hooks. It's true that nothing else on the album has the immediacy of the opening track, but there are other strong points throughout; the surging title track and the sonic rush of the mosh pit-ready rocker "Miracle" are the two best examples. Lyrically, singer Jeff Shelton's voice sounds almost eerily similar to Ken Stringfellow of the Posies, and that's not a bad thing at all considering the strength of his voice. While not overly distinctive, Shelton's vocals do fit the music perfectly; from eerie to earnest to foreboding, he -- and Spinning Jennies -- do it all quite well.

Tea and Apathy / Spinning JenniesSpinning Jennies3:47
Notice Me / Spinning JenniesSpinning Jennies3:37
Peer Pressure / Spinning JenniesSpinning Jennies3:03
Broken Line / Spinning JenniesSpinning Jennies3:44
Rockstar SF / Spinning JenniesSpinning Jennies4:13
Compromised / Spinning JenniesSpinning Jennies4:04
One Hit Wonder / Spinning JenniesSpinning Jennies3:31
Sunshine State / Spinning JenniesSpinning Jennies3:02
Miracle / Spinning JenniesSpinning Jennies4:03
Mindbender / Spinning JenniesSpinning Jennies3:51
How It Feels / Spinning JenniesSpinning Jennies6:13
[Untitled Track]Spinning Jennies1:45