Giorgia - Strano Il Mio Destino

Giorgia - Strano Il Mio Destino
Release Date:
June 7, 1996
Recording Location:
Italy; Studi Fonoprint, Bologna, Italy
Italian Pop, Adult Contemporary, Italian Music, Vocal Pop, Western European Traditions
Strano Il Mio Destino
Recording Date:

From the soaring title track to the note-perfect cover of "Endless Love," Giorgia's Stano Il Mio Destino is a very average adult contemporary album. Mostly made up of live material, these songs are straight from the Celine Dion school of performance: delicate keyboards, blustery vocals, and bargain-basement romantic lyrics.

Fans of this genre may actually enjoy this a lot -- she is a talented singer with a lot of energy. But the music is pretty generic and bland and her performance is merely average for her talents. Fans may want to give this a chance, but most others would do themselves a favor by staying away.

Strano il Mio Destino / Giorgia TodraniGiorgia4:16
Senza Segreti/Nasceremo / Giorgia TodraniGiorgia5:05
Endless Love / Lionel RichieGiorgia feat: Michael J. Baker / Olivia McClurkin7:53
Nessun Dolore / Mogol Audio 2 / Lucia BattistiGiorgia3:51
E Poi / Massimo Calabrese / Marco Rinalduzzi / Giorgia TodraniGiorgia5:40
You Don't Know What Love Is / Gene DePaul / Don RayeGiorgia7:58
E C'È Ancora Mare / Celso ValliGiorgia4:58