Carla Thomas - Love Means Carla Thomas/Memphis Queen

Carla Thomas - Love Means Carla Thomas/Memphis Queen
Release Date:
April 1, 1997
Memphis Soul, Soul, Southern Soul
Love Means Carla Thomas/Memphis Queen
Recording Date:
1968 - 1971

Although Carla Thomas had her share of R&B hits in the 1960s, the Queen of Memphis Soul wasn't as visible on the pop charts as Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick or Gladys Knight. Thomas wasn't a superstar in the pop world, but Stax's Al Bell believed she had the potential to become one and encouraged her to take a sleeker, more Motown-ish approach. Thomas had flirted with Northern soul sounds on some of her previous albums, and it became a primary direction on the LPs Memphis Queen and its follow-up Love Means..., which Fantasy combined on this single CD in 1997.

Most of Queen was produced by Detroiter Don Davis, while the main producer on the even more pop-minded Love was Thomas' brother, Marvelle Thomas. Though this change of direction didn't turn Thomas into a pop superstar, she did have a major hit in "I Like What You're Doing (To Me)" and moderate hits with "You've Got a Cushion to Fall On" and "Guide Me Well." The soul goddess had a low opinion of Davis' production style, but the fact is that "Precious Memories," "Strung Out Over You" and other Davis-produced material is highly enjoyable. And the songs from Love are equally impressive. But sadly, Love turned out to be Thomas' final Stax project.

Didn't We / Jimmy WebbCarla Thomas3:04
Are You Sure / Homer Banks / Raymond JacksonCarla Thomas3:16
What Is Love? / Carla Thomas / M. ThomasCarla Thomas3:15
Daughter, You're Still Your Daddy's Child / J.J. Jackson / M. ThomasCarla Thomas5:59
Love Means You Never Have to Say You're Sorry / Carla Thomas / M. ThomasCarla Thomas3:33
You've Got a Cushion to Fall On / Homer Banks / Raymond JacksonCarla Thomas3:07
Il Est Plus Doux Que / Tony HesterCarla Thomas3:44
Cherish / Terry KirkmanCarla Thomas4:42
I Wake up Wanting You / Bettye Crutcher / Carla Thomas / M. ThomasCarla Thomas3:19
I Like What You're Doing (To Me) / Homer Banks / Raymond JacksonCarla Thomas2:54
I Play for Keeps / Kent BarkerCarla Thomas2:43
Don't Say No More / Carla ThomasCarla Thomas2:17
More Man Than I Ever Had / Bettye Crutcher / R. JacksonCarla Thomas2:43
I've Fallen in Love With You / Carla ThomasCarla Thomas2:41
He's Beating Your Time / Don Davis / Cam WilsonCarla Thomas2:59
Unyielding / Hal DavidCarla Thomas2:44
Strung Out / Fred BriggsCarla Thomas2:34
How Can You Throw My Love Away / Don DavisCarla Thomas2:31
Guide Me Well / Don Davis / Isaac Hayes / David PorterCarla Thomas4:13
Precious Memories / Don DavisCarla Thomas2:38
Where Do I Go? / Galt MacDermot / James Rado / Gerome RagniCarla Thomas2:21