Jim Centorino / Carol Cole - Footsteps in the Sand

Jim Centorino / Carol Cole - Footsteps in the Sand
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Contemporary Instrumental
Footsteps in the Sand

A collaboration between keyboards player Cole and trumpet player Centorino, this is a very warm, friendly album of instrumental music -- okay, so it could fall under the new age label, so what? Cole's writing and playing are meditative, allowing her to incorporate ambient sound into the opening "Restless Spirit." The smallest disappointment is that the album is dominated by Cole's keyboards, despite Centorino's contributions to the compositional side, and the trumpet is all too rarely evident. It's a pleasant album, though, with some interesting musical textures that place it a cut above many of the characterless releases in this field.

Restless Spirit / Carol ColeJim Centorino / Carol Cole4:29
Painted Wings / Jim CentorinoJim Centorino / Carol Cole2:52
Raindrop Heritage / Carol ColeJim Centorino / Carol Cole5:52
Ultimatley Love / Jim CentorinoJim Centorino / Carol Cole3:03
Silver Star Streams / Carol ColeJim Centorino / Carol Cole7:51
Footsteps In the Sand / Jim CentorinoJim Centorino / Carol Cole4:32
Encounters / Carol ColeJim Centorino / Carol Cole2:54
Ancient Romance / Jim CentorinoJim Centorino / Carol Cole5:06
Travelin' Home / Carol ColeJim Centorino / Carol Cole4:51
Child of Dreams / Jim CentorinoJim Centorino / Carol Cole3:02
Stained Glass Dream / Jim CentorinoJim Centorino / Carol Cole5:39