Elvis Crespo - Pintame

Elvis Crespo - Pintame
Release Date:
May 4, 1999

Elvis Crespo, the king of 'bomba' style merengue, turns up the heat on his sophmore recording, PINTAME. This vaguely effeminate hunk (a standout among his peers) pens several of the romantic tunes that he sings, infusing his metaphors with a delicate brand of passion. Throbbing bass and a swirling horn section complete the seduction. The tight, focused production work of Luis Angel Cruz and Robert Cora grooves hard but keeps the spotlight on the star.The saxophones carry the title track to a fever pitch as Elvis yearns for his ladylove to materialize at the tip of a painter's brush. "Ven" is a call for reconciliation, while "Besos De Coral" is a lovely seaside metaphor--alive with the wet kiss of waves and romps in the sand. The booming bass drops out for the poignant "Pequeno Luis," an admirable outcry against domestic violence crooned with full dramatic force to the sound of harp, timpani, and strings.

Pintame / Elvis CrespoElvis Crespo4:20
Besos de Coral / Rodolfo BarrerasElvis Crespo3:50
VenElvis Crespo4:36
Solo Me MiroElvis Crespo4:02
Si Tu Te AlejasElvis Crespo4:25
Dame CariñoElvis Crespo3:30
Enamorado de TiElvis Crespo4:10
Por el CaminitoElvis Crespo4:28
No ComprendoElvis Crespo4:11
Vuelve ConmigoElvis Crespo4:50
Eres TuElvis Crespo4:29
Tiemblo / Elvis CrespoElvis Crespo4:40
Mas Que Una Caricia / Alejandro JaénElvis Crespo4:02
Pequeño LuisElvis Crespo5:51