Pretenders - Packed

Pretenders - Packed
Release Date:
May 22, 1990
Recording Location:
Air Recording Factory, Los Angeles, CA; AIR Recording Studios, London, England; EMI Abbey Road Studios, London, England; Mayfair Studios, London, England; Sunset Sound Factory, Los Angeles, CA
Album Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Hard Rock, New Wave, Punk/New Wave, Rock & Roll

It may be true that Chrissie Hynde's songs on Packed! are the weakest in her career, but they are not the sole reason why the album is such a bland, uninspiring affair.

In the hands of producer Mitchell Froom, Hynde's stylistic retreads become even more unfocused and lackluster. Froom's production lacks any edge, making the pleasant but pedestrian songs bland and featureless. Only a cover of Hendrix's "May This Be Love" and "When Will I See You," a collaboration with guitarist Johnny Marr, stand out amid the number of undistinguished tracks on Packed!

Never Do That / Chrissie HyndePretenders3:19
Let's Make a Pact / Chrissie HyndePretenders3:18
Millionaires / Chrissie HyndePretenders3:04
May This Be Love / Jimi HendrixPretenders2:43
No Guarantee / Chrissie HyndePretenders3:49
When Will I See You? / Chrissie HyndePretenders4:54
Sense of Purpose / Chrissie HyndePretenders3:02
Downtown (Akron) / Chrissie HyndePretenders2:43
How Do I Miss You? / Chrissie HyndePretenders4:22
Hold a Candle to This / Chrissie HyndePretenders3:40
Criminal / Chrissie HyndePretenders3:49