Sakis Papadimitriou - Piano Oracles

Sakis Papadimitriou - Piano Oracles
Release Date:
October 3, 2000
Recording Location:
Athens Studio 3; Le Mans Europa Jazz Festival
Modern Creative, Avant-Garde Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz
Piano Oracles
Recording Date:
April 19, 1985 - March, 1987

Sakis Papadimitrious is an autodidact of the piano; he knows every square centimeter of its surface and insides from toy instrument to double grand. He has exploited its many timbral, harmonic, melodic, and percussive possibilities in order to create a music that is widely varied in color, and deeply mystical in flavor. This CD, which is a reissue of the LP Piano Oracles and the B-side of the album First Move were recorded in both studio and performance. His alpha archetype is a "Prologue and Ten Piano Oracles" and his beta archetype is called "Les Man Piano." Almost an hour in length, what the listener is touched by is the process by which Papadimitrious creates rituals that give shape to dreams, fantasies, fears, joys, and so on. He employs any means necessary in which to accomplish this, from playing the instrument without the pedals, to using only pedals, to filling it with rough material and plucking individual strings to playing those same strings, unobstructed, with mallets.

The "10 Oracles" are musical in the same way life is -- sounds emanating from anywhere -- often organized in patterns we become aware of but are not party to at their inception because they exist below or above our normal level of consciousness. Papadimitrious, with his vast knowledge of the instrument, can employ different harmonics and modal figures by erecting an eerie architecture of microtones and their microtones. All of them flowing in controlled mannerisms creating and releasing tensions as they overlap with one another into a language that is both highly symbolic and deeply intriguing on the level of improvisation. "Les Mans Piano" is more pianistic yet more primitive. Repetitive figures announce themselves as rhythmic constructs and are transmogrified into melodic frameworks for two-handed counterpoint and harmony. Silences are etched in between intervals in its 12-minute duration to offer dynamic placement for elegiac phrases and whispers along the keyboard. By the time we reach the last third of the work, the piano is no longer a piano; it is a drone machine and an industrial tool for the pressing out of shimmering notes played from inside the piano and screeching their way -- ever quietly into an etching on the mind, creating in the listener an entirely new vision of the piano as an instrument of improvisation and archetypal image-making.

Alpha: Prologue / Sakis PapadimitriouSakis Papadimitriou0:41
Alpha: Prologue and One Piano Oracle / Sakis PapadimitriouSakis Papadimitriou3:02
Alpha: Prologue and Two Piano Oracles / Sakis PapadimitriouSakis Papadimitriou2:19
Alpha: Prologue and Three Piano Oracles / Sakis PapadimitriouSakis Papadimitriou2:44
Alpha: Prologue and Four Piano Oracles / Sakis PapadimitriouSakis Papadimitriou1:48
Alpha: Prologue and Five Piano Oracles / Sakis PapadimitriouSakis Papadimitriou2:13
Alpha: Prologue and Six Piano Oracles / Sakis PapadimitriouSakis Papadimitriou2:11
Alpha: Prologue and Seven Piano Oracles / Sakis PapadimitriouSakis Papadimitriou4:27
Alpha: Prologue and Eight Piano Oracles / Sakis PapadimitriouSakis Papadimitriou3:23
Alpha: Prologue and Nine Piano Oracles / Sakis PapadimitriouSakis Papadimitriou4:27
Alpha: Prologue and Ten Piano Oracles / Sakis PapadimitriouSakis Papadimitriou4:24
Beta: Le Mans Piano / Sakis PapadimitriouSakis Papadimitriou22:32