Sabaton - Heroes

Sabaton - Heroes
Release Date:
May 27, 2014
Recording Location:
Studio AByss
Power Metal, Heavy Metal

Returning with a largely revamped lineup, Swedish power metallers Sabaton narrow their thematic focus on their seventh studio album, Heroes. Rather than tackling the large-scale battles they have in the past, the band focuses their lyrics on individual feats of wartime heroics. While the scope of the songs might be smaller, the music is still as grand as ever, thanks in part to guitarists Chris Rörland and Thobbe Englund, and drummer Hannes van Dahl, all of whom make their first appearance on a Sabaton album. Helping to provide an appropriately epic atmosphere, the new additions make a fine first showing for themselves, allowing Sabaton to deliver an album of properly heroic, heavy metal battle hymns.

Night Witches / Regiment 588Sabaton3:01
No Bullets Fly / Franz StiglerSabaton3:37
Smoking Snakes / Brazilian Expeditionary ForceSabaton3:14
Inmate 4859 / Witold PileckiSabaton4:26
To Hell and Back / Audie MurphySabaton3:26
The Ballad of Bull / Leslie "Bull" AllenSabaton3:53
Resist and Bite / Chasseurs ArdennaisSabaton3:27
Soldier of 3 Armies / Lauri Allan TörniSabaton3:38
Far from the Fame / Karel JanousekSabaton3:47
Hearts of Iron / Walther WenckSabaton4:28
Man of WarSabaton3:47