B.R. Burns - If It Don't Fit - Don't Force It!

B.R. Burns - If It Don't Fit - Don't Force It!
Release Date:
March 16, 2006
Spoken Word
If It Don't Fit - Don't Force It!
IntroductionB.R. Burns1:14
I Wish You Were Here - Featuring TonyhenryB.R. Burns8:30
Questions & AnswersB.R. Burns0:34
The CriticsB.R. Burns2:32
Did You Hurt That Lady's Feelings?B.R. Burns0:31
You Can't Wear That - Not wit h That There BodyB.R. Burns3:53
Can You Tell Me Why Men Cheat?B.R. Burns0:14
Why Men CheatB.R. Burns1:19
What's Wrong with My Woman?B.R. Burns0:21
She Needs a Tune-UpB.R. Burns1:30
My Relationship Is Not Working out €" What Do I Do?B.R. Burns0:28
If It Don't Fit, Don't Force It!B.R. Burns2:25
Will You Please Do Track Number 10?B.R. Burns0:53
[Untitled]B.R. Burns5:12
All in the Family (Every Family Has Issues) *B.R. Burns2:59
Advice from My Mama (Nanny Boat)B.R. Burns2:11
What My Mama Told MeB.R. Burns2:13
Step out on FaithB.R. Burns1:25
Pay It Forward!B.R. Burns1:07
I Changed My Hair by Dee SpencerB.R. Burns3:12
I Wish You Were Here (Edited Version)B.R. Burns4:57
Extras: The OuttakesB.R. Burns7:18