Milemarker - Frigid Forms Sell

Milemarker - Frigid Forms Sell
Release Date:
February 19, 2002
Recording Location:
Salad Days, Washington D.C
Alternative/Indie Rock, Emo
Frigid Forms Sell

In 2000, after the release of Frigid Forms Sell, Milemarker relocated from Chapel Hill, NC, to Chicago. It's fitting that Milemarker should join the ranks of Chicago's art rock scene, for Frigid Forms Sell, first released on Lovitt in 1999, marked the band's move from East Coast emotional hardcore to an angular, politicized, sexy cold wave rock. In 2002, following the band's successful Anesthetic, Jade Tree did the world a favor by re-releasing the genre-defying Frigid Forms Sell. From the eerie, sci-fi electronic dance that introduces the album as "Frigid Forms Sell You Warmth" to the most radical tracks, the couplet "Sex Jam One: Sexual Machinery" and "Sex Jam Two: Insect Incest," the album cross-pollinates hardcore punk with keyboard dance grooves. Check out the scary, fried motherboard quality of "Internet Relay Chat With the Central Intelligence Agency" or the lapsing, repetitive "Cryogenic Sleep." Frigid Forms Sell proves that Milemarker possesses one quality -- a gift for experimentation. And when you are on a search for the startlingly new, the revolutionary, and the innovative in rock & roll, that is the greatest trait a band can have.

Frigid Forms Sell You Warmth / MilemarkerMilemarker0:29
Signal Froze / MilemarkerMilemarker3:50
Sex Jam One: Sexual Machinery / MilemarkerMilemarker4:16
Sex Jam Two: Insect Incest / MilemarkerMilemarker1:40
Cryogenic Sleep / MilemarkerMilemarker3:47
Industry for the Blind / MilemarkerMilemarker5:47
Tundra / MilemarkerMilemarker2:22
Internet Relay Chat With the Central Intelligence Agency / MilemarkerMilemarker4:16
Server Error / MilemarkerMilemarker1:36
Platinum / MilemarkerMilemarker2:16
[Untitled Hidden Track]Milemarker4:54