George Formby - His Greatest Favourites

George Formby - His Greatest Favourites
Release Date:
June 26, 1995
Cast Recordings, Music Hall, Show Tunes, British, Western European Traditions, Vaudeville
His Greatest Favourites
I'm the Ukulele ManGeorge Formby
Leaning on a Lamp PostGeorge Formby
Aunti Maggie's RemedyGeorge Formby
With My Little Stick of Blackpool RockGeorge Formby
Window Cleaner (When I'm Cleaning Windows)George Formby
Mr Wu's a Window CleanerGeorge Formby
Chinese Laundry BluesGeorge Formby
Do de O DoGeorge Formby
Blue Eyed Blonde Next DoorGeorge Formby
Like the Big Pots DoGeorge Formby
Window Cleaner No 2George Formby
I Don't LikeGeorge Formby
Easy Going ChapGeorge Formby
Noughts & CrossesGeorge Formby
Lancashire Hot Pot SwingerGeorge Formby
You Can't Go WrongGeorge Formby
Who Are You a Shoving OffGeorge Formby
I'm the Husband of the Wife of Mr WuGeorge Formby
Hitting the High SpotsGeorge Formby
Kiss Your Mansy PansyGeorge Formby
I Can Tell It by My HorosGeorge Formby
I'm the Emperor of LancasGeorge Formby