Ben Vaughn - Mood Swings

Ben Vaughn - Mood Swings
Release Date:
Retro-Rock, Roots Rock
Mood Swings
Recording Date:
1984 - 1992

MOOD SWINGS is a Ben Vaughn compilation that draws from the years 1984 to 1992 (which the cover slyly indicates as "'90-'85 & More") and is a perfect introduction to his music (especially since his first three albums fall in and out of availability). Vaughn has been critically lauded both as a writer (several of the songs in this set have been recorded by other artists, including Marshall Crenshaw) and a producer. He's also a fine singer who utilizes his matter-of-fact range and tonality to maximum effect. He's completely believable both in ballad settings ("I'm Sorry [But So Is Brenda Lee]," "Too Sensitive for This World") and in sprawling, earthy rockers ("Growin' a Beard," "Daddy's Gone For Good"). MOOD SWINGS is quite simply a great collection of pop songs.

Dressed in Black / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn2:20
Doormat / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn2:48
Growin' a Beard / Dan MarcusBen Vaughn2:00
Too Sensitive for This World / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn5:06
The Man Who Has Everything / Dan Arcaini / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn2:47
Daddy's Gone for Good / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn3:25
She's Your Problem Now / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn3:36
Rhythm Guitar / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn1:58
El Rambler Dorado / Lisa Cortes / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn3:47
Beautiful Thing / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn3:16
Jerry Lewis in France / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn3:52
She's a Real Scream / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn2:01
Shingaling With Me / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn4:12
Big House With a Yard / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn2:21
Lookin' for a 7-11 / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn2:34
I Dig Your Wig / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn3:02
I'm Sorry (But So Is Brenda Lee) / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn3:04
M-Motor Vehicle / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn1:37
My First Band / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn3:13
Vibrato in the Grotto / Ben VaughnBen Vaughn2:34
El Camino / WeenBen Vaughn2:19