Janis Martin - Here I Am

Janis Martin - Here I Am
Release Date:
August 14, 2001
Rockabilly, Rock & Roll
Here I Am
Recording Date:
April 25, 1992
Drugstore Rock 'n' Roll / Janis MartinJanis Martin2:31
Good Love / J. StoneJanis Martin2:06
All Right BabyJanis Martin2:09
Billy Boy, My Billy Boy / Bob DavieJanis Martin2:06
Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean / Johnny WallaceJanis Martin2:36
I'll Never Be Free / Bennie Benjamin / George David WeissJanis Martin2:22
Ooby Dooby / Wade Moore / Dick PennerJanis Martin1:46
Dumas Walker / Janis Martin / Doug Phelps / Fred YoungJanis Martin2:37
Bang BangJanis Martin2:12
Here I Am / Janis MartinJanis Martin3:04
Barefoot Baby / Carl StutzJanis Martin1:36
Love and Kisses / Bob DavieJanis Martin2:16
Cracker Jack / Mark HarrisJanis Martin1:57
My Boy ElvisJanis Martin2:22
Hard Rocking Mama / Janis MartinJanis Martin2:20
Old Time Rock and Roll / George Jackson / Thomas JonesJanis Martin3:19
Medley: My Baby Left Me/C.C. Rider/That's Allright Mama / TraditionalJanis Martin4:12
Love Me to Pieces / Melvin EndsleyJanis Martin1:54
Two Long Years / Hugh AshleyJanis Martin2:18