Showaddywaddy - Showaddywaddy [7T's]

Showaddywaddy - Showaddywaddy [7T's]
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Glam Rock, Glitter, Rock & Roll, Contemporary Pop/Rock
Showaddywaddy [7T's]

The long-awaited CD reissue for the first Showaddywaddy album restates, in a fashion that mere hits collections never could, just how effortlessly the group both replicated and updated the '50s rock ethos that inspired their dress and their sound. Without ever stooping to the rampant retro that both made and marred Sha Na Na (the band to whom Showaddywaddy is most frequently compared), the group's greatest dignity lay in their reliance on original material -- at least early on. Later, their reliance on '50s-era covers bordered on self-parody, no matter how well they executed them. But, of the dozen tracks on the original Showaddywaddy (the CD adds two bonus B-sides), nine were self-composed, and that includes their debut hit, "Hey Rock'n'Roll," a song which itself is now as revered as any true period rocker. "Rock'n'Roll Lady," the group's second British hit, and the surely autobiographical "King of the Jive" are likewise authentic reminders of an earlier time, at the same time clearly dating Showaddywaddy to a glam rock era whose own understanding of the late '50s was colored more by the imagery perpetuated by the movie That'll Be the Day than by any historical document. "Rollercoaster" could have fit into that soundtrack without disrupting the pace for a second. Of the covers, meanwhile, only a studiously true-to-life "Bony Moronie" seems at all redundant. "Temptation," on the other hand, has all the powerful yearning that the song demands, while "Johnny Remember Me" literally swathes vocalist Dave Bartram in atmosphere and eerie energy. Indeed, if there is any weak song to be found on the CD, it is the closing "I'm a Traveller," a song which the original release left buried on the flip of "Rock'n'Roll Lady." And, doubtless, it wishes it had stayed there.

Hey Rock n Roll / K. JamesShowaddywaddy3:24
Bony Maronie / K. JamesShowaddywaddy2:30
Johnny Remember Me / ShowaddywaddyShowaddywaddy2:52
Temptation / K. JamesShowaddywaddy2:58
Rock n Roll Lady / K. JamesShowaddywaddy3:27
King of the Jive / K. JamesShowaddywaddy2:14
The Party / K. JamesShowaddywaddy3:08
Cutie / K. JamesShowaddywaddy2:57
Rollercoaster / K. JamesShowaddywaddy3:15
Don't Turn Your Back on Me Baby / K. JamesShowaddywaddy2:49
Windows / K. JamesShowaddywaddy2:28
Glory Woman / K. JamesShowaddywaddy3:26
You Will Lose Your Love Tomorrow / K. JamesShowaddywaddy2:19
I'm a Traveller / K. JamesShowaddywaddy2:57