Delme String Quartet - Robert Simpson: String Quartet No. 9

Delme String Quartet - Robert Simpson: String Quartet No. 9
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Chamber Music
Robert Simpson: String Quartet No. 9
String Quartet No 9 (32 Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Haydn)
Thema (Tempo di minuetto)Delme String Quartet1:13
Variation I (L'istesso tempo)Delme String Quartet1:19
Variation II (Meno mosso, poco espressivo)Delme String Quartet2:15
Variation III (Poco più mosso)Delme String Quartet1:32
Variation IV (Poco più mosso)Delme String Quartet1:19
Variation V (Molto allegro)Delme String Quartet1:11
Variation VI (L'istesso tempo)Delme String Quartet1:07
Variation VIIDelme String Quartet1:54
Variation VIII (Allegro molto)Delme String Quartet0:49
Variation IX (L'istesso tempo)Delme String Quartet1:04
Variation X (L'istesso tempo)Delme String Quartet0:24
Variation XIDelme String Quartet0:24
Variation XIIDelme String Quartet0:23
Variation XIIIDelme String Quartet0:24
Variation XIV (L'istesso tempo)Delme String Quartet1:09
Variation XV (Lento)Delme String Quartet3:08
Variation XVI (L'istesso tempo)Delme String Quartet2:46
Variation XVII (Presto)Delme String Quartet0:44
Variation XVIIIDelme String Quartet0:44
Variation XIXDelme String Quartet0:46
Variation XX (Feroce)Delme String Quartet0:58
Variation XXI (Adagio)Delme String Quartet4:09
Variation XXII (Allegro)Delme String Quartet0:59
Variation XXIII (Poco meno mosso)Delme String Quartet0:42
Variation XXIV (Meno)Delme String Quartet0:45
Variation XXV (Allegro molto vivace)Delme String Quartet1:05
Variation XXVI (Allegretto)Delme String Quartet1:17
Variation XXVII (L'istesso tempo)Delme String Quartet2:25
Variation XXVIII (Prestissimo)Delme String Quartet0:47
Variation XXIX (Vivace)Delme String Quartet1:21
Variation XXX (Largo)Delme String Quartet1:18
Variation XXXI (L'istesso tempo)Delme String Quartet1:25
Variation XXXII (Adagissimo)Delme String Quartet2:53
FugaDelme String Quartet12:56