Alexa Still - John Corigliano: Pied Piper Fantasy

Alexa Still - John Corigliano: Pied Piper Fantasy
Release Date:
September 21, 2004
John Corigliano: Pied Piper Fantasy

Appreciation of this CD may depend on a strong interest in flute music or an admiration of Alexa Still, but there are few other attractions. The three works for flute and orchestra presented here are certainly competent contributions to the modern flute repertoire, but they are also peculiarly uninspired. John Corigliano's The Pied Piper Fantasy is perhaps the most complicated and cleverly orchestrated, yet its music is less than compelling, whether in full modernist fury or in cute Renaissance parody: one is unchallenged by the former and uncharmed by the latter. The remaining pieces that frame Corigliano's are much slighter; while they have surface appeal for their tonality and easy-to-digest material, they are strangely unrewarding on repeated listening. Katherine Hoover's Medieval Suite is bland and derivative in places of early Bartók and Stravinsky, more of a nod to the early twentieth century than the intended fourteenth. Chen Yi's The Golden Flute is an exercise in exoticism, prettily orchestrated but not especially memorable beyond that. This leaves one to consider Still's performances, which are polished and appealing, and perhaps the chief reason to hear this disc. James Sedares and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra lend solid support to Still's virtuosic playing, and Koch's recording is fine.

Medieval Suite for flute & piano, Op. 18a
I. VirelaiAlexa Still4:59
II. The Black KnightAlexa Still4:09
III. The Drunken FriarAlexa Still2:23
IV. On the Betrothal of Princess Isabelle of France, Aged Six YearsAlexa Still4:10
V. Demon's DanceAlexa Still3:42
Pied Piper Fantasy, concerto for flute & orchestra
I. Sunrise and The Piper's SongAlexa Still9:32
II. The RatsAlexa Still1:38
III. Battle with the RatsAlexa Still2:41
IV. War CadenzaAlexa Still6:10
V. The Piper's VictoryAlexa Still3:52
VI. The Burghers' ChoraleAlexa Still4:11
VII. The Children's MarchAlexa Still9:31
The Golden Flute, for flute & orchestra
1st Mvmt.Alexa Still5:25
2nd Mvmt.Alexa Still2:47
3rd Mvmt. AllegroAlexa Still7:50