Lugo - Hip Hop Instrumentals Vol. 3

Lugo - Hip Hop Instrumentals Vol. 3
Release Date:
July 3, 2006
Hip Hop Instrumentals Vol. 3
Better Than the Real Thing (Love Anthem Dreamy Romance)Lugo3:08
Be That for You (Secret Sexy Funky Mysyery)Lugo4:25
Congas (Latin Sexy)Lugo1:43
Died for Me (Electro Dance Euro)Lugo1:37
For Your Love (Mid Tempo Love Song)Lugo6:33
Genious (Children Romp)Lugo0:37
Heart (Cool Ice Cream Back Me Up)Lugo1:06
Its Gold (Horny Jam)Lugo3:45
Taino (Latin Tinged Future in the Jungle)Lugo3:06
Kings and Queens (Classical Romp Around Lusty)Lugo1:30
Liar Babe (Organ Devious Plan)Lugo3:51
Majic Jeanie (Italian House Party)Lugo1:46
All In-Ask Me (Laid Back Bass Pumps)Lugo3:31
October House (Euro World Circa 1070)Lugo6:46
Padlock (Electro House 1980 Dance)Lugo1:17
Believe Them (Pop Dance Serious)Lugo5:38
Rac Em Up (Mac Daddie Wide Brim High Heels)Lugo1:12
Sal Sol (Original Funky Studio 54)Lugo4:14
Take Me to Love (Mid Tempo Love New Jack Swing)Lugo4:43
Talk (Talk Show Theme)Lugo2:26