A Tomato a Day - Nothing Special

A Tomato a Day - Nothing Special
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Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi
Nothing Special

Forget New York, forget L.A.; America's capital of underground music is Omaha, NE, where there is the highest ratio of tape labels and indie imprints per capita. Two such labels united their forces to release A Tomato a Day's Nothing Special. Lo-fi folk-rock for the disabused generation, A Tomato a Day's songs are both catchy and strange, likeable and annoying. The intentional D.I.Y./lo-fi production lessens the pop sensibilities of tracks like "I Don't Know What I'm Doing Here" and "Cruising Through the Astral World," but it's uncertain whether it works against them.

You need to be willing to take some punishment or at least show patience to enjoy this CD-R, but these guys are obviously onto something. They play well for this kind of band, handling acoustic and electric guitars, piano, and drums like a capable bunch. The electric guitar is particularly off the wall. The lead singer has an indie country-folk thing going (that is, singing off-key is seen as a necessity) with occasional psychedelic episodes. Try to think of a cross between Simon Joyner and Syd Barrett. When the lyrics address the topic of rock & roll musicians ("A Song for Rock-n-Roll," "In the Back of the Van (Lost, Stoned Band)"), the voice becomes caricatured with a Southern twang and back vocals get very messy. Please give these guys a little bit more money to record with improved means, just to see what happens.

I Don't Know What I'm Doing HereA Tomato a Day3:54
You Little ShitA Tomato a Day1:48
A Song for Rock-N-RollA Tomato a Day2:17
You'd Rather Be Depressed Than AloneA Tomato a Day2:11
Paranoid Musicians WorldwideA Tomato a Day1:11
Cruising Through the Astral WorldA Tomato a Day2:13
DissipateA Tomato a Day5:12
Dear Jesus, I'm Ready to GoA Tomato a Day3:12
Let's Go to the MoonA Tomato a Day1:52
In the Back of the Van (Lost, Stoned Band)A Tomato a Day3:28
I Know You're There, But You're Not ThereA Tomato a Day4:05