Bill Brovold / Larval - Surviving Death/Alive Why?

Bill Brovold / Larval - Surviving Death/Alive Why?
Release Date:
February 5, 2007
Recording Location:
Bill Brovold Studio, Royal Oak, MI; Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor, MI; The Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH; Xhedos, Ferndale, MI
Surviving Death/Alive Why?

After serving something of an avant-garde guitar apprenticeship with the musician and composer Rhys Chatham in New York in the 1980s, the guitarist Bill Brovold formed the equally experimental band Larval in Detroit in the mid 1990s. This double CD, which got its title after Brevold survived five heart attacks within a year, is the band's fifth release. After the relatively staid "It Was a Puny Plan" and the positively lyrical "The Hospital Visit," the band sets out for uncharted territory on "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back," while "One Last Fight" is an apocalyptic rant, and "Half a Bubble Off" is a frantic nightmare jig.

Going Somewhere Else / Bill BrovoldBill Brovold / Larval3:15
It Was a Puny Plan / Bill BrovoldBill Brovold / Larval7:33
Scottish Blood / Stuart Bogie / Bill BrovoldBill Brovold / Larval6:05
Surviving Death / Bill BrovoldBill Brovold / Larval11:20
The Hospital Visit / Bill BrovoldBill Brovold / Larval2:38
The 300-Pound Nurse / Bill Brovold / Tim SchellenbaumBill Brovold / Larval8:22
There's Something Under Her Bed / Bill BrovoldBill Brovold / Larval3:18
Funk=Sex2 / Bill BrovoldBill Brovold / Larval6:20
The Last One to Leave / Bill BrovoldBill Brovold / Larval4:31