Bob Sinclar - Champs Elysées

Bob Sinclar - Champs Elysées
Release Date:
November 7, 2000
Recording Location:
"Rock Solid" Studio, London, England; DeFrey Studio; Malligator Studio, L.A; Northcott Studio, NY; Subliminal Studio, NY
Club/Dance, House
Champs Elysées
Recording Date:
November, 1999 - June, 2000

Bob Sinclar, just slightly more of a self-publicist than Thomas Bangalter (the Daft Punk mainman and co-producer of Sinclar's "Gym Tonic" hit), seemed completely resistant to changing any of the longstanding clichés of filter-disco and the '70s nostalgia movement for his second LP, Champs Elysées. Ably summoning the spirit of the age of Cerrone and Charlie's Angels, Sinclar proved himself a solid producer despite the lack of freshness, adding in plenty of swooping strings, nickel-bag guitars, and soft-toned keyboards.

"Got to Be Free" and "Darlin'" (featuring ex-D-Train vocalist James "D-Train" Williams) are a pair of disco-mover productions that wouldn't sound out of place on classic American R&B radio, and Sinclar has plenty of fun throughout the LP.

Champs Elysees Theme / Bob SinclarBob Sinclar4:26
I Feel for You / Francis Poulet / Bob SinclarBob Sinclar5:51
You Are Beautiful / Bob SinclarBob Sinclar2:06
Striptease / Bob SinclarBob Sinclar4:29
Got to Be Free / Bob Sinclar / James WilliamsBob Sinclar5:43
Life / Bob SinclarBob Sinclar feat: Chezere / Ken Norris6:24
Save Our Soul / Bob SinclarBob Sinclar4:23
Phasing News / Bob SinclarBob Sinclar4:05
Ich Rocke / Bob SinclarBob Sinclar4:06
Freedom / Francis Poulet / Bob SinclarBob Sinclar6:30
Darlin' / Francis Poulet / Bob SinclarBob Sinclar feat: James "D-Train" Williams5:01
My Only Love / Lee Genesis / Tommy Musto / Bob SinclarBob Sinclar3:34