Acoustic Junction - Love It for What It Is

Acoustic Junction - Love It for What It Is
Release Date:
Recording Location:
Long View Farm Recording Studio, North Brookfield, MA
Contemporary Folk
Love It for What It Is

Similar in instrumentation to Jackopierce and musicality to From Good Homes, Boulder, CO's Acoustic Junction is only a decent combination of the two.

Love It for What It Is is their 1991 debut album.

The sound quality is only OK, and the lyrics are often mundane. Acoustic Junstion has a good jam band/HORDE vibe. Love It for What It Is sounds like an apologist's title, but for a local band's first record, the music is fine, just not outstanding. Like many other bands, their musicianship exceeds their writing chops.

Desire / Stewart Lewis FoehlAcoustic Junction3:50
Hole in the SkyAcoustic Junction3:59
Build a Road / Reed FoehlAcoustic Junction3:44
Colors Inside / Stewart Lewis FoehlAcoustic Junction4:11
Bombay Bound / Marc SingerAcoustic Junction3:09
Where, Oh Where? / Reed FoehlAcoustic Junction3:18
Do What You DoAcoustic Junction4:03
Penny for Your Thoughts / Reed FoehlAcoustic Junction3:24
Shape of Things to ComeAcoustic Junction3:19
One Creation / Stewart Lewis FoehlAcoustic Junction3:40
Faith Inside / Reed FoehlAcoustic Junction3:39
Time / Reed FoehlAcoustic Junction5:18