Cam'ron / U.N. - Heat in Here, Vol. 1

Cam'ron / U.N. - Heat in Here, Vol. 1
Release Date:
May 25, 2010
Recording Location:
Galaxy Studios, Newark, NJ
Hardcore Rap, East Coast Rap
Heat in Here, Vol. 1

As the status of his main crew the Diplomats remained unclear, Dipset soldier Cam’ron bombarded the 2009-2010 season with his solo product, releasing two underground mixtapes along with this aboveground album. Heat in Here, Vol.

1 is the rough-and-tumble, full-length debut of his U.N. project, which features folks like Felony Fame and Rod Rhaspy, but here the crew is represented by Cam’ron protégé Vado. The fairly traditional rapper is skilled and offers a level-headed gangsta alternative to Cam’s oddball, attitude-filled rhymes. Best example is "Butta"'s “Tell Rev Run I need to see Jojo/I heard he smokin’ now, got it Paca Lolo/Kush, Sour Haze, Cocoa”, which baits a hip-hop legend by way of his kid while also delivering the Dipset’s latest strain report. This ridiculous kind of irresponsibility is the reason fans signed up in the first place, and when it’s delivered with a scrappy, fresh, sometimes even silly set of beats on the level of Cam’s 2009 album Crime Pays, all the better. Check “Cuffin’,” with special guest Gucci Mane for those loopy hooks Cam just loves, then check “Throw It Up” for the party-time club number done Dipset style.

Small complaints include Vado getting lost in the shuffle and the intro’s dramatic promises of a “revolution” when everything else is an obvious return to form. In 2010, old is new again in the world of Cam’s side-line releases, meaning Heat in Here, Vol. 1 is another fan-aimed success.

Intro / Cameron GilesCam'ron / U.N.3:39
Like Sh*****t / Cameron GilesCam'ron / U.N.3:49
Throw It Up / Cameron GilesCam'ron / U.N.3:40
Its Your Party / Cameron GilesCam'ron / U.N.4:02
Kill 'Em / Chris Reis / Teeyon WinfreeCam'ron / U.N.4:37
Butta / Cameron GilesCam'ron / U.N.3:47
F*** the Other Side / Cameron GilesCam'ron / U.N.3:49
Cuffin / Cameron GilesCam'ron / U.N.3:51
Fed Story / Teeyon WinfreeCam'ron / U.N.4:52
Sextape / Cliff PowellCam'ron / U.N.3:13
Horror Story / Cameron GilesCam'ron / U.N.3:29
On My Shiznit / Cameron GilesCam'ron / U.N.4:04
La Bumba / Cameron GilesCam'ron / U.N.4:21
Ride with Me / Cameron GilesCam'ron / U.N.3:44